216/366: roadtrip to nagasaki, day 1

August 3rd, 2012 in Daily, Photos

Sakurajima from Tarumizu ferry

On the road…

somewhere between kagoshima and kumamoto

We decided to segment our trip with a stay overnight in Kumamoto. Miyuki found a great deal on a minshuku right next to Kumamoto’s Suezenji park. They offered private onsen with the price of a night’s stay, and after driving three hours I was ready to hop in.

[time passes]

Getting tired of wandering around looking for dinner…

NTT booth for the collection

Finally, we found a Chinese Restaurant only a few blocks from the hotel.

so happy to be eating...

Time to melt away in the onsen…

The water quality was amazing! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand goodnight :)

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