June 23rd, 2012 in Daily

tryin to clean up

Miyuki and I headed into the city to catch an afternoon movie, Thermae Romae. Like most any visit to the movie theatre in Japan, the ticket price is most likely going to be a rip-off, but it was a good idea to catch a movie on such a rainy day. Nothing great was showing and Miyuki had wanted to see this one about a Roman guy (who speaks Japanese in Rome among his fellow “Romans”) that gets time-warped to Japan through the bath drain. Of course in Japan, he only speaks Italian and both gets and gives the full gaijin smash treatment. My favorite scenes of the whole movie had to be when they purposefully low-budgeted the “drain warp” sequence by putting action figures in a toilet bowl. Amazing.

Then we went to a teppanyaki restaurant for an early b-day dinner :)

Back to Kushikino to rest and watch netflix…

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