June 22nd, 2012 in Daily

One starved Miyuki, seen here pouring over the menu at a soba shop near Sendai station

After I saw Kevin and Allan off, I drove up to my friend’s shop to switch rental cars back to a Kei (for cheaper gas, tolls, economy). Got a Subaru Pleo to use, which was in rough shape on the outside. The inside, which had been baking in the sun with the windows up for who knows how long, smelled like cigarettes and something awful. HOWEVER, the car itself hauls ass, and I’ve since been airing it out to avoid getting contact cancer from the thing.

So, I drove over to Miyuki’s place for the weekend. By the time I got there, and she got out of work, we were both starving. So we headed up to Sendai to get soba at a decent shop near the station. They have good tempura too.

raw chicken

veggie tempura with green tea salts

Finally, my “three style” soba shows up…

Seen earlier in the parking garage:

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