155/366: minamata, tsunagi art museum

June 3rd, 2012 in Daily

View from the top of the craggy cliff face behind Tsunagi Art Museum.

Miyuki and I decided to get an early start and head off north in the Pajero for a sunday drive.

First stop: lunch at Little Chiang Mai, a Thai restaurant somewhere between Akune and Izumi.

Pad Thai @ Little Chiang Mai

Next we stopped in Minamata for some exercise near the water. Unfortunately, it also happened to be near the memorial for the victims of the Minamata “disease”. Miyuki was a little frightened by the Jizou statues. They also had a big sign up saying “no bicycles”, which I found completely stupid. Why build a park flush with pathways if you can’t use it fully? Come on people. A memorial shouldn’t be about feeling sad, it’s about remembering the incident and moving forward. If I had been a victim, I think I’d prefer to see people enjoying the area around my memorial instead of moping around giving sad, mournful looks all the time.

Restroom in Minamata's "eco park"

Exhibit of photos from Thailand, with promise of Volcano photos on the poster. No volcanoes to be seen. Also, an art-school film and room filled with a depressed lady’s junk. I’m turning a little bitter about the art world and exhibitions these days, forgive me.

performance art

cog rail system that wobbled it's way to the top...

Ridiculously big truck for Japan

Little truck with big truck aspirations

miyuki's sign

Heading back home along the coast:

as opposed to real information

classic rx-7

miyuki inside a ponkan

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