152/366: press check

May 31st, 2012 in Daily, Projects

A1 proof sheet on actual stock, actual colors... looking much better than the color copy dummy they brought as a "sample"!

So going to a press check in Japan is a pretty interesting experience. Apparently out in the country here, requesting to see a printed sample on the actual paper stock is not something many people care to see? Our print rep brought a sample for us which was a essentially a color print on card stock. I said there was no way I can judge this and we need to see the real deal. So, at the printers the owner came to meet us, sort of excited and curious as to why we wanted to see it. Turns out he graduated from Tarumizu High School and felt proud to be printing the book for us. Anyways, the quality was really a lot better than I’d expected, so that was good news.

Also, I learned CMYK is referred to as YMCK here. Thanks Village People?

Final product coming next week…

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