January 31st, 2012 in Daily

Today for 5th and 6th period, a concert was held in the gym by Mr. Sakaguchi, a blind man who is friends with the school’s vice-principal. Our vice-principal is also a professional musician and used to work at a school for blind children, so there’s the connection. He played jazz piano renditions of well known songs, as well as gave a speech about learning various dialects of Chinese and going to China. Next he played the Erhu (二胡, にこ in Japanese), a two-stringed Chinese bow instrument. Mononoke-hime from Hisaishi Jo. Some recent pop-song I can’t remember the name of. A song which was a “tour” through each of China’s 26 states. The students also enjoyed hearing some funny expressions he learned in China in between songs. The closing piano piece was the best, an improv jazz version of the “end of the day” chime heard across most town loudspeakers at 5 o’clock every day in Japan.

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