Kyushu Railway History Museum (九州鉄道記念館)

July 19th, 2011 in Photos

During my trip to Moji, I had a chance to visit the Kyushu Railway History Museum. Doesn’t sound like a noteworthy attraction, but they have quite a few things to draw in folks who aren’t train buffs. Aside from the select group of trains preserved for display, the museum building itself houses a large collection of signage and memorabilia since the company’s inception in the 1890’s.

Steam Power


Moving inside the former Kyushu Railway HQ building, you’ll find their collection of historic signage, name plates, tickets and other interesting ephemera.

tsubame (つばめ) is japanese for the common swallow

ticket stubs

assorted led blocks for printing tickets, transfer cards, timetables and other important notices

limited express tickets

Station markers for local lines

Sign says "Town Shuttle", but I'm more interested in the "Dating Machine" in the corner...

Group Photographer getting ready for a bus load of tourists. He looked miserable.

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