86/365: Photo Booth @ Australia Day

March 27th, 2011 in Daily, Projects

Seiichi and I finally showing our portrait collaboration from the previous Osumi International Day

Australia Day in Kanoya, originally intended as charity for the recent natural disasters there, but soon followed by earthquakes in both New Zealand and western Japan (plus tsunami, plus nuclear crisis…). It was a huge call for charity and seemed quite successful at that.

Seiichi and I had previously set up a pop-up portrait studio at the past Osumi International Day and took a lot of great shots. I shot a 3/4 portrait with an off-camera strobe on black, while at the same time Seiichi shot a profile on white, then we switched. Two shots for each person were meant to be exhibited side by side. Though, amidst the fun we forgot to get any kind of model releases in people’s hands. Rookie mistake. Anyways we finally had a chance to show the work and a quite a few people were able to collect their portraits. I really appreciated people’s feedback too.

You can see more of the work here.

Later I also got grilled by a group of students from the Girls’ High School, who took my profile shot and a lot of cell phone photos. My face was wind-burned and I looked like hell from being out in the cold. I have no idea why they wanted photos with me. I told them my plan was to split half of the Boy’s Technical High I work at, and mix with half of the Girl’s High. They really liked that idea.

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