84/365: Farewell Party

March 25th, 2011 in Daily

It’s that time of year. Students have graduated, now teachers and administrators play musical chairs and shift around the prefecture for the start of the new school year. With that comes the farewell party, or soubetsukai (送別会) here in Japan. Steeped in price and speeches, this event is one that will hit your wallet but not fill your stomach. It is my understanding that the price of admission covers the dinner and farewell “gift” to those who are leaving. Fair enough, but still… damn expensive.

5000円 (currently around $58) – really?

The send-off gauntlet run

Hanging with Yasuko while waiting for the after party (nijikai, 二次会), which never materialized

Also, earlier today my other school was doing some house cleaning, and threw away this ridiculous set of the various stages of pregnancy, each encased in a custom box:

When I asked why they were being thrown away, a teacher said: “Well, they are a little old aren’t they?” – I didn’t think the process had been recently updated? Oh Japan.

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