December 25th, 2011 in Daily

Being Festive

Presents from my family for Miyuki and I, along with some presents for each other. Not pictured is the space heater Miyuki got me to keep myself warm this winter.

Yasuko knows the best spots to lounge out

Miyuki and I cooked up a storm for Christmas Dinner this year

Pork with mustard sauce, steamed veggies, wasabi mashed potatoes, Miyuki's mom's pumpkin soup, baked Satsuma sweet potatoes, salad with seared beef...

Letting her folks dig in first was a test of willpower, but they still had to tend the shop that night. Remember, Christmas isn't treated the same way here... bars and restaurants are full and need deliveries of libations!

Not excited to venture back out in the cold and make the long trek back to Kushikino...

Drove Miyuki up to Sakurajima so she could catch the ferry over to the city (then the bus, then the train home…). Listened to Nat King Cole on the way up, then Paul Scheer and crew’s analysis of Jingle All The Way on the How Did This Get Made? podcast. Had a lot of fun today, but now I’m exhausted and stuffed so it’s off to bed. Good thing I took off tomorrow…

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