346b/365: holiday cards

December 12th, 2011 in Daily, Projects

featuring Noguchi-san from the comic Chibi Maruko-chan

Each year just before winter break, this class writes messages of encouragement to one another. This year we decided to turn that small homeroom assignment into a Holiday Card lesson. We gave out instructions on how to fold and cut paper snowflakes along with some examples. Once they got the hands-on part finished, we gave them a list of common holiday and year-end greetings to use in their writing. Then, we took the class roster and put everyone’s name into a hat and students drew their pen pal at random. At the end of class we collected the letters which will be handed out on the last class before winter break.

Here are some of the results from earlier today:

Pretty sure they didn't know this looks like the Star of David

Yes, it's a family name here.

"Good luck with your girlfriend man." Amazing.

Boss Santa.

More to come…

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