December 3rd, 2011 in Daily

Dandelion Garnish + Toothpick

Still waiting on film, will supplement the first few days of December with images once I get them scanned. The disadvantage of shooting film for a daily upload project is the need for time-shifting. Either that or you end up carrying two cameras if you want to upload daily. Recently, I haven’t been able to carry around my domke shoulder bags comfortably because it ends up bothering my right knee. Seems unrelated, but it makes sense if you think about all the weight being on one side. Still, I prefer the side bag to the backpack for ease of access. So I’ve been slimming down to help with this, and it usually makes it easier for me to shoot anyways. I prefer having less gear to worry about so I can move around freely and just focus on getting the photo… but given the choice I usually end up bringing too much anyways.

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