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October 31st, 2011 in Daily

I had a great opportunity yesterday afternoon to photography my teacher’s daughter for her “shichi go san” ceremony at age 6 (7 if you count from age 0). It’s a tradition with origins in older, harsher times, where reaching the ages of three, five, and seven were worth celebrating a child “surviving”, and life becoming easier after those milestones. Now, this typically involves kids dressing up in kimono and visiting their local shrine. Which, in this case ended up being the most hilarious and exhausting 30 minute chase/photo shoot I’ve had with a kid. I’ve only put up a few for sake of privacy, and some scenes around Kagoshima Shrine as well.

the first and last shot I got of her wearing the geta (slippers) properly

fed up with the whole outfit, but mostly the hair and slippers ;)

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