January 30th, 2011 in Daily

Cold, snowy and sunny at the same time over in the city today. Snapped a few shots on the walk to the station.

I picked up the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 to replace my Canon 50 which has been on it’s way out. My first lens for the 5D, the EF 50mm f/1.4 truly served me well over the past four years. Recently a combination of AF struggles (perhaps due to always having a UV filter on front?) and a small helping of ash seems to have taken a toll on it. I decided to go with the Sigma as a mid-point between a replacement EF 50 1.4 and an upgrade to the 50 1.2 (or the 35mm 1.4 that was almost too tempting…) First impressions of the Sigma are just that: impressive. This is a solid lens, built far better than Canon’s 1.4. My first few shots seemed to be off focus a bit, so I played around with the micro adjustments on the fly and started to zero in on a sweet spot. Here is a shot of Miyuki, freezing at the tram stop, after a successful interview and job offer from a prestigious private high school:

pre-adjustment @ f/2.2

I can’t wait to put it through its paces this week. With good glass, the 5DII is growing on me more and more.

One last shot at the Sakurajima ferry terminal, where they are proudly displaying their prize radishes as part of a local craft / culture festival through February 20th. This bad boy weighed in at 17.2 kg (~38 lbs).

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