271b/365: draw & match

September 28th, 2011 in Daily, Projects

Here are the results of the Draw & Match assignment I gave some third year students today. The plan went as follows:

– warm up chat
– have students make pairs
– give each pair a blank sheet of paper and a group letter (A, B, …) which they write on the paper
– next, explain that each group will receive a sentence that they have to understand, then translate into a drawing
– hand out a worksheet with more sentences than groups (that way they have to actually read them, not use a process of elimination to get the answers)
– assign each group their sentence and help them with the meaning if they are really stuck
– gauge their ability and give them an appropriate time limit on the drawings
– once time is up, have everyone place their drawings on the chalk board (or around the room).
– everyone gets up and tries to match the sentences on their sheet with the drawings on the board
– the group(s) that answered correctly get(s) a prize (stamp, sticker, candy, etc)

Target sentences can be drawn from the textbook, grammar points, 600 sen workbook, and so on. Make them funny or bizarre so they freak out and enjoy drawing goofy situations instead of the dry, boring stuff they are used to.

Some examples:

And my favorite:

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