27/365: 2 4 1

January 27th, 2011 in Daily

Not everyday you get to see two volcanoes erupting simultaneously! Granted, this exposure really only highlights one visibly (Sakurajima), but the effects of the other (Kirishima) are responsible for the cloudy haze dominating the right side of the image. Sakurajima makes up for the the left side, and is partially visible behind a plume of its own ash. Cool.

Same vantage point, looking towards Sakurajima.

Once again, this time looking at Mt. Ondake and the rest of the Takakuma mountain range with ash fall from the Kirishima eruption to the north.

Also, here are some shots from work in Nejime today. Nice light this afternoon.

CVS Nakamura, the best (and least expensive) bentos around, I reckon. 300 yen being the most expensive. Simply great.

Humans and animals living together in close quarters. Very peaceful area just off the busy road. One of those places you’d never find unless you were trying to get lost. Cows on the beach.

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