233/365: miyama pottery village

August 21st, 2011 in Daily

Visited the Miyama pottery village in HigashiIchiki-cho last Sunday.

Where you’ll find lots of artists-in-residence, of sorts, a town center where you can sign up for workshops and buy souvenirs, and even an Honorary Consulate General of The Republic of Korea…

shards likely from misfires in the series of large, earthen kilns on the grounds

Lunch at 青紗一籠 (aosa ichiryuu), a great Korean restaurant in Ijuin. Not pictured is the yook gae jang beef stew with rice, which was the most delicious (and quickly consumed).

kimchi and cheese dolsot bibimbap

We also made a brief stop at the geothermal museum in Kushikino called Chikabi (ちかび) meaning underground heat or fire. Coincidentally they had an event put on by the gas / oil companies who gave out a lot of free stuff. Here is a shot in the entrance of their tunnel system within the mountainside.

free soda

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