July 19th, 2011 in Daily

More requests for souvenirs from America.

Sadly, the mailbox here has only filled up recently on the chance of getting some free stuff out of me. I can reward those who wrote their own requests, but the templaters will end up with something generic… This time, someone planted the idea of “key chain” in their heads, since I got at least 15 requests for the “key chain please!”

In class today, I was writing something on the board when we all jumped in reaction to a huge explosion sound from outside. Sounded like it was in the parking lot, but the force and duration could only have come from our grumpy neighbor Sakurajima. As the school is in line of sight from the active crater, the shock-wave easily covered the 15km gap across the bay to the building, which shook and rattled from the pressure. My left ear kept ringing until I got home. I’m guessing it was the strong typhoon winds that caused the gas in the chamber to surface and react explosively.

A mix of ash and larger sand sized ejecta waiting for me to clean up. Sounds like sleet when it falls.

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