198/365: Moji (門司) 1/2

July 17th, 2011 in Daily

Kanmonkyo Bridge (関門橋), linking a 712m gap between Kyushu with Honshu over the Kanmon strait. Accessible via Moji in Fukuoka Prefecture or from Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture.

After around 400km of putting along the Kyushu Expressway from Kushikino to Kagoshima, Kagoshima to a brief stop in Hitoyoshi for lunch (bad choice, many tour groups), another at Kumamoto Green Land (simply a mistake), and finally continuing on to Exit 1, we arrived in Moji Harbor just at sunset.

Rock faces at an expressway rest stop

"Come on, let's go"

Moji's harbor area, viewed from a park near the bridge.

Another shot of Kanmonkyo Bridge

Took a rest near the port after trying (and failing) to make it to the Fish Market across the bay area in Shimonoseki, which is in Yamaguchi Prefecture and on Honshu. Yep, we technically left Kyushu for a bit this weekend. Finally got a hotel thanks to Miyuki’s quick cell-phone internet search. Kind of shady, but it was cheap and near the harbor attractions. Mostly, it just felt great to get a shower after a full day of sweating in the car.

Off to find dinner, we came across Bar & Cafe Nostalgia, a Showa themed place with a lot of cool menu options. “Showa” commonly refers to things from 50’s through the 70’s, though the actual era started in 1926.

Old movie signboards calling me near...

"Bar & Cafe Nostalgia"

It gets better...

The Menu

You could order a lot of foreign beers, sodas (cherry coke, A&W root beer, Dr. Pepper), and a lot of throwback foods. They offered elementary school lunch on a tray for instance. We got a caeser salad (which had real croutons!), taco rice, and chicken rice (which is the same as what you’ll find inside omurice). I had a Dr. Pepper and A&W cream soda while Miyuki ordered a Löwenbräu.

Sampling of the reading material on the magazine rack

The collection.

Miyuki with her Löwenbräu

Holding my teeth in after drinking so much soda

Satisfied, and probably a little embarrassed.

Classic b&w set was running while we ate. Nice atmosphere.

Various mascots and brand characters lined the walls. The little guy with the "N" promoted Panasonic's "National" brand.

Standing by my interests

Moji Station, the most interesting station building I've seen so far in Japan.

This one was a little confusing.

Newer hotels and stores across from original brick buildings, lit up on the walk back to the hotel.

Moji is pretty great. Reminds me of Balitmore and Busan.

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