191/365: Afternoon in Kirishima

July 10th, 2011 in Daily

"Thou should not pass." The trail towards Shinmoedake, roped off due to recent explosive activity.

More recent proof of why you shouldn't hike towards Shinmoedake at the moment.

"You are walking on sulfurous rocks and breathing vented SO2 in an area that is still volcanically active. We warned you."

Walking on the moon

Hard to recognize this as a caldera area, but on the maps this is labeled as Io Dani (硫黄谷), or sulfur valley

The remnants of Mt. Karakuni's peak.

The highest remaining peak of Mt. Karakuni

Trail warnings and Karakuni in the background

The amazing view on a clear day from Miyuki’s grandma’s roof deck:

Both Sakurajima and Kaimondake, clearly visible from Kirishima

Looking towards Osumi

The stray residents:


Looks like this one's eyes are crooked, but I think there is a different problem. When zoomed in at 100%, the eyes look like blue marbles without a ribbon center. Crazy.

lots of cats around Miyuki's grandma's place


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