July 7th, 2011 in Daily, Projects

Student's completed books

Finished sewing!

A birthday / thank you card from four students who came to make books over the past few weeks. Thanks!

One of my students who had previously finished making a book came during lunch again today. She said that she was “decorating”, but it ended up being the birthday card the group wanted to give me.

During class this morning, I talked to the 3rd year students about my trip home this summer. I told them that, if they wanted to, they could write me a short letter asking for a souvenir. After lunch, there were already three letters in my mailbox:

Tiny letters asking for tiny souvenirs. Two requests for "sweets" and one request for "Wonka Chocolate"

After lunch, everyone changed into gym clothes and went down to the beach for community clean-up. Despite how completely disgusting and gag-inducing the trash was, they collected it all and dragged it back to school, where everything was dumped out and sorted. PET bottles and the tiny shot glasses of vitamin-drinks were hand-washed. Some of them had questionable contents… I really hope they washed their hands afterwards.

Chibi Maruko-chan and her family talking about organizing disaster prevention / 自主防災組織

がんばれ日本 / "Do your best" or "Hang in there, Japan!"

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