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June 25th, 2011 in Daily

Stopped off for sushi after going to the movies. Not our first choice, but we went with it anyways. Not bad!

Well, here we go. Forecast: a lot of big changes will take place this year. Where I am today and where I’ll be next year this time… physically, the same. Mentally, by means of motivation, totally different.

Dear Self, don’t waste the opportunity.

June 25th, 6 months out from (or before) Christmas. Even present distribution as a child. A glass half-full or half-empty? Balance. Perhaps it explains my personality. Despite never having my birthday fall during the school year. Even though I always got lumped in together with the other poor bastards who had “summer birthdays” at the end of the year. Nope, I still wouldn’t trade my birthday for any other date.

For my birthday, Miyuki gave me this awesome book which I’ve been wanting for some time now. I’ve been admiring Kawashima Kotori’s photographs of her friend’s daughter, Mirai-chan, since they first made their rounds on the internet. The book has been out on for some time now, but I never pulled the trigger on the amazon.co.jp order. Glad I waited.

Mirai-chan, a photobook by Kawashima Kotori

well bound

The book was accompanied by a earnest rendition of Happy Birthday, then an afternoon in the city at the movies. We saw Super 8 and I did enjoy it. Despite the let down (or apparent let down?) state-side, I thought it seemed like a perfect summer movie. This is the type of movie I hope all junior high / high school students get to see. Mostly because it had the spirit of the 80’s films I grew up with. Admittedly I wasn’t sold on the “creature” featured in the film, it honestly didn’t matter in the end. The friendship storyline and sense of surreal adventure was what sold this for me.

At the movie theater, I was greeted by this amazing display for “Wild Speed: Mega Max”, or the Japanese version of the popular film franchise “The Fast and the Furious”, Fast Five.


Me and Vin, in on something that is making Paul Walker angry.

This was my first time to watch a film at Toho Cinemas in Kamoike, and it far exceeds AMU’s Mitte 10 in every aspect. Not only does it feel like an authentic movie theater, it offers legitimate seating and screen size, a wide selection and cheaper price, and concessions that are actually reasonable  (cheaper than home, even.) You’ve got my business.

With that, the aforementioned sushi:

Canada Dry and a Cucumber Roll

Squid via conveyor

Tortilla via conveyor

Orange Juice via conveyor

NY Cheesecake via conveyor

self-serve green tea

Well, I’m stuffed.

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