May 2nd, 2011 in Daily

I went to Kamikawa Otaki Park (Kamikawa Falls) with the 3rd year students today for this year’s school excursion. Each grade went to a different place. Last year I went with the 1st years to the velodrome bike track, which was fun but on a hot day that place is like a frying pan. The 2nd years went to the beach, which is a great one, but they weren’t allowed to swim (?) so I turned that down. Kamikawa was the right choice. This place is great in the early morning!

I hiked up the trail to the suspension bridge overlooking the falls around 8:45. It was only me and the Somen Noodle restaurant owners in the park then, so it was really peaceful. The students followed from a common meeting place around 9 and walked 45 minutes to the park. I’m not entirely sure why they weren’t allowed to ride their bikes or scooters directly to the park… I think the walk ate up a lot of time which they could have spent enjoying the park.

Kendo club leader sitting peacefully in front of the falls.

Later we hopped in the river and cooled off a bit despite the strong sun overhead.

The guys raced each through the river, jumping boulder to boulder. They emerged bloodied but happy.

Got home tired and a little burnt, but had a lot of fun.

Saw this on my way out:


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