A pool hidden in plain sight, amongst other things.

January 25th, 2010 in Daily

Despite not having classes, today ended up being quite busy. The morning started out with three letters in my mailbox at school:

In case you are curious, the numbers on the outside are chosen by students (and teachers!) so they do not have to put their name. When I reply, I write their number on a new envelope which they pick up in the teacher’s office.

A unique way to fold the paper… I have much to learn.

The return mail box.

The building finished its earthquake reinforcement construction today. So, for the first two periods I helped the students move chairs, desks, tables and other miscellaneous classroom supplies out of “storage”.

By “storage”, I surely mean the massive indoor pool building which I only just discovered today, right?

The gym teacher told me they fill it in June. I can’t wait.

I also spent quite a bit of time rearranging the Art / Sculpture room. They have a large kiln in there that I’d like to try out next semester.

The afternoon brought yet another letter, this time with candy inside!

Last week I saw two students walking to the convenience store during lunch, so I offered them some of the candy I bought (the “Chocolate ball” they wrote about). I didn’t expect them to give anything back!

If I wasn’t already happy enough at the moment, the vice-principal asked me to come over and take as many oranges as I could carry. You are thinking maybe four or five, right? How about 30? One of the teachers lives on Sakurajima and brought us about a hundred of its famously tiny mikans. The other product of the volcanic soil there are basketball sized radishes.

To prove that I really don’t have Hulk Hands and am simply holding a regular orange, here is one more shot for scale:

Just when things were winding down, the building shook for about 30 seconds during an M4 earthquake. Nice timing on the construction I’d say.

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