Cool Car Sightings #2

April 16th, 2010 in Daily

1993 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II. A now super rare car that took many WRC drivers to the podium.

1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

A Mini in great condition.

Saw this S15 Silvia in the city last summer, but only remember the photo recently.

2004 Subaru STi S203. Basically a Spec C car wearing the full STi catalog of parts.

Custom 18″ BBS wheels for STi.

Subaru Legacy STi S402, one of 402, coated with ash on the Tarumizu ferry. A suspension setup and competition 6-piston front brakes that will likely never see anything more than a relaxing commute to work.

Ok, so Kei Trucks are usually the bane of my daily commute, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the name of this model. The Mazda SCRUM. I think I’ll start a series on car names next. There is a really interesting (and sometimes humorous) obsession with “edition”, “model”, or “version” nomenclature here… More soon.