Cool Car Sightings #1

February 25th, 2010 in Daily

This is the first in what I expect to be an ongoing collection of snapshots. There are plenty of incredibly high-performance (and, reciprocally, incredibly low-performance) cars roaming the streets. If only their existence here wasn’t pure irony, with standard 50km/h speed limits and 100km/h max on the expressway. If you are caught at over 120km/h you’ll land some jail time too. Awesome! Rant aside, cool cars begin:

A late ’70s, early ’80s throwback bosozoku ride spotted in Kirishima, complete with ridiculous aero kit, angle welded exhaust, and front mount oil cooler. I can’t imagine trying to start that thing in the winter time. The oil must turn into peanut butter sitting outside the engine bay like that.

One of the few Coopers I see running around here. This one has a particularly nice color scheme.

Sort of standard fare here, a GF8 WRX wagon with some aftermarket (Tommy Kaira?) aero bumper. In any case, if you haven’t already noticed I am a Subaru fan so you’ll see a lot of these. This car also had BBS wheels and Subaru’s 4-pot/2-pot brake set.

Here are a few low-quality cell phone photos of an extremely high quality car.

For your consideration, the 500bhp, $160,000, end-of-an-era 1997 Nissan R34 Z-Tune. Apparently the production run on this was a whopping 20. 20 cars. Take a look at the engine bay and you’ll see why.

Carbon/Resin composites everywhere. A suspension set-up that costs $20,000 alone.

It’s pretty much the perfect signature to an infamous line of Japanese muscle cars. The culmination of years of engineering and race testing crammed into one rare beast. If only it could be driven to its potential in this country. Talk about a track-only vehicle…

I’ll leave you with one more shot in this post, a Subaru STi S203 just sitting in a parking lot in Kagoshima City…

I’m not quite sure why Japan makes cars with over 150bhp, or with speedometers that hit 320km/h, but I for one am thankful that they do.

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