Christmas Eve (Eve)

December 24th, 2009 in Daily

A peek at my first Christmas in Japan:

Dec 24th: Thanks to my family for the thoughtful gifts and decorations, and Chris for the surprise package of Big League Chew®, Jaw-Busters®, Mass-Effect for 360, and yet another charming caricature of me.

Dec 23rd: Dinner with Miyuki and Kosuke. Miyuki brought these chicken legs which looked difficult to make, some heavyweight pumpkin soup, and guacamole. Kosuke brought a box of RITZ Crackers, which I tore into having forgetten just how good they taste, along with some nicely packaged cakes. I made Salmon marinated in Italian dressing and lemon juice, wrapped in foil on the grill with “wild rice” and steamed veggies.


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